(10/23/17) – The Weston DeWitt Show with Eliav Gabay

Weston and Eliav started out the show by recapping the NLCS and the ALCS (2:31). The guys also break down the World Series from top to bottom and give their official predictions (10:25)! Plus, the guys also touch on the latest managerial hiring’s, including Alex Cora to BOS (18:51), Mick Callaway to NYM (20:18) and Ron Gardenhire to DET (21:12).

The guys break down the latest in the NFL, including the Cardinals getting smacked around by the Rams (35:48), the Patriots defeat the Falcons in a Super Bowl rematch (40:10), Kansas City dropping their second straight (42:37) and the AFC South being up for grabs (44:45). They also talk about ASU getting another big victory, this time over Utah (47:25) and Notre Dame smoking USC (53:32)

The guys also dive into the firing of Earl Watson and the Phoenix Suns debacle (55:02), the Gordon Hayward injury (59:32) and the guys being fed up with Skip Bayless (1:01:47), Lonzo Ball making his debut (1:06:03) and Jeremy Lin rupturing his patella tendon (1:08:11).

The guys also talk about the Coyotes still being winless (1:11:13), the Kings still being undefeated (1:12:43) and Darren Till’s upset win over Donald Cerrone (1:13:18).

Plus, the guys are joined by former NFL DE and Co-Host of “The Blitz” on 98.7 Arizona Sports Station Bertrand Berry. He broke down the Arizona-Los Angeles game in London, his Notre Dame Irish and the Houston Astros (25:22).

And Weston’s Bonehead of the Week (23:00), Eliav’s Softspot of the Week (1:08:47) and Harley’s Hot Topics in Social Media (1:14:08).

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