(9/11/17) – The Weston DeWitt Show with Eliav Gabay

Weston DeWitt and Eliav Gabay start out the show by paying their respects to those who lost loved ones on 9/11. They also talk about what they remember from Sept. 11, 2001.

There was a ton of NFL to discuss and they hit all of it! The Cardinals losing to DET (4:39), the Cowboys handling their business (10:13), the Rams looking good (15:53), Aaron Rodgers doing his thing with the Packers (19:20), Houston turning to Watson earlier than expected (21:29), the Chiefs shocking the Pats (23:33) and Michael Bennett accusing LVPD of racial profiling (25:16). And Ian Happ is this week’s Bonehead of the Week (27:56).

The guys also talk College Football, including ASU getting beat by SDSU (30:23), Baker Mayfield leading OU to victory over OSU (36:13), USC smoking Stanford (37:10), Lamar Jackson going bananas vs UNC (37:52) and Washington State coming back in 3 OT vs Boise State (38:53).

Weston and Eliav discuss Rafael Nadal and Sloane Stephens winning the US Open (41:33) and the latest inductees into the NBA Hall of Fame (45:15). Eliav’s Softspot of the Week this week is Hailey Dawson (49:39).

The Dodgers are still losing and the guys have things to say about that (53:10, the DBacks are still in the hunt (57:31) and the Indians continue to win games (59:52). Eliav talks about the lastest with the WNBA playoff picture (1:03:34).

Finally, it’s an all combat sports fifth segment, starting with a preview of Canelo Alvarez and GGG this weekend (1:07:40) and Amanda Nunes retaining her belt at UFC 215 (1:12:17). Weston gives his take on the State of the UFC (1:14:29). And Conor McGregor is being sued for the UFC 202 Press Conference (1:18:15). Finally, the show gets closed out with Harley’s Hot Topics in Social Media (1:19:36)

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