(9/18/17) – The Weston DeWitt Show with Eliav Gabay

The Weston DeWitt Show with Eliav Gabay, Season 2 – Episode 4!

Show Rundown:
-Cardinals “lucky win over the Colts (1:50)
-Packers fall to the Falcons on SNF (7:27)
-Cowboys get demolished by the Broncos (11:33)
-Patriots smother the Saints (16:10)
-Chiefs get another win, defeat Eagles (20:10)
-Seahawks sneak past the 49ers (22:20)
-Weston’s Bonehead of the Week (24:32)

-Arizona State almost pulls out a comeback win, buts falls to TTU (27:12)
-Clemson crushing Louisville (32:17)
-USC slides by Texas in OT (34:47)
-San Diego State upsets Stanford (37:43)
-AP releases Top 25 Polls (38:58)

-Kobe Bryant will have BOTH jerseys retired (43:46)
-Reaction to ESPN’s top NBA players rankings (47:56)
-Russell Westbrook inks a 10-year deal with Jordan (52:11)
-WNBA Playoffs update (53:10)
-Eliav’s Softspot of the Week (58:41)

-Indians winning streak snapped at 22 (1:00:52)
-Dodgers back on Track (1:02:57)
-DBacks magic number is 6 (1:04:52)
-Astros/Nationals clinch their respective divisions (1:07:29)
-Bryce Harper takes BP, close to returning (1:09:05)

-Alex Ovechkin concedes to playing in the Olympics (1:11:57)
-#CaneloGGG ends in a draw (1:13:14)
-Champions League Standings Update (1:17:01)
-Harley’s Hot Topics in Social Media (1:19:47)

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