(9/4/17) – The Weston DeWitt Show with Eliav Gabay

The guys kick off the show by talking about all the madness that happened over the weekend in College Football! Including ASU, Alabama, UCLA, Michigan and more!

Harley joins the third segment as the guys give their official predictions for the 2017-18 NFL season!

Weston and Eliav also touch on the important baseball topics, including Cody Bellinger, the DBacks hot streak, the NL Wild Card race and more! Plus, Weston reflects on the career of Shane Doan and Eliav praises Sure Bird for breaking the WNBA assists record. And they guys also touch on the latest WNBA playoff picture!

Cronkite student Skye Merida joined the show in segment two to discuss all things NBA!

And Weston’s Bonehead of the Week, Eliav’s Softspot of the Week and Harley’s Hot Topics in Social Media!

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